Is A mount Sony's Titanic?

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Re: Is A mount Sony's Titanic?

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I'm wondering if I spent my money foolishly the past several months on A mount glass: ZA 50mm and the updated versions of the 70-200 and 70-400. I'm sensing more doom and gloom about the future of this mount the past couple of days than I have seen in a long time even though this worry has surfaced on and off in various discussions within the Sony user community for a couple of years now.

-I don't want to use these lenses with an adapter on a Sony e mount body.
-I don't want to sell this equipment to make the jump to Nikon or Canon; I'm not a pro. I use the Sony lenses and bodies because I love the products.
-I don't care if the future A mount bodies have the translucent mirror or not.
-I want to be able to use these lenses NATIVE for many years to come. I'm not big into buying used equipment either though I like keeping what I purchase new for a very long time. Still, I would hope to see multiple, successive generations of the a99 and a77 (though I'm fine if A mount sustains as full frame only).


Biggest danger to the A-mount is Sony going belly-up and no one buying the camera division. There is no current information that points to A-mount being killed. With Sony backing E and A mount the amount of money going into A-mount only development is somewhat constrained but much of the technology is shared across the lines, so as long as E-mount makes money for Sony it is good for A-mount. Even with E-mount getting all the recent love with the A7(r) you will note there are no native lenses much above 200mm so E-mount is not yet a full service line. Just like you can still buy Minolta MC and MD lenses today there will be a market for A-mount lenses, either the old Minolta or new Sony for quite a few years. The high end lenses will still be worth good money.

Sony wont be going belly up. They just sold over 2 million units of PS 4 in the first few weeks of release. They have run out of stock in many countries. Business is booming in their gaming division.

They have been dragged for over 10 years by their TV division, but they are still selling TVs. I do not think A mount is the first product line on their list to be targetted if they were to drop something. TVs would be first.

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