A reminder for some memebers as to what the F stop is all about.

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Re: A simple Yes or No.

Dimitri_P wrote:

Great Bustard wrote among other things:

We take a pic of the same scene from the same position at:

  • 50mm f/2 1/200 ISO 400 on 4/3
  • 100mm f/2 1/200 ISO 400 on FF
  • 100mm f/4 1/200 ISO 1600 on FF

and display the photos at the same size. Assuming the sensors are roughly the same efficiency, in what way will the photos be similar and in what way will they be different?

The one shot with the slow lens on FF will have more noise than the one shot with the faster lens and the 4/3 shot will have more noise than the FF shot at ISO 400.

Correct. If the sensors are equally efficient, then the first and third photos will have the same noise since the same amount of light falls on the sensors, and the middle photo will have half the noise since 4x (2 stops) more light falls on the sensor.

Someone over here reading this must have a FF and 4/3 camera available to take three shots and post them...

'Twould be nice! Of course, we need to have the shots done in RAW since the NR (noise reduction) done by the camera's jpg engine may skew the results.

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