Em-1 Noise in Low ISO, Low light shots.

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I looked...

Gianluca Grossi wrote:

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Gianluca Grossi wrote:

I use PN from one year and I can trusty say that it can do an unbelievable work in supressing luminance noise while maintaing a lots of detail, much much more of Aperture and LR that I own.
Until you use it (with the right setting), you can't understand what this program is capable of doing.

It uses the Noise Ninja noise reduction engine, which I've used. I understand perfectly well what you're talking about but even as good as Photo (Noise) Ninja might be at handling noise, it's never as good as starting with a properly exposed and noise-free file. The only time a better noise reduction strategy is the correct answer to give somebody who's got a problem with creating noisy images is when the exposure is optimized to begin with and the raw files produced by the camera still include unacceptable amounts of noise.

pls take a look at the pics I post...

I looked at your LR and PN comparison street shot. There are obvious problems with processing options selected with Photo Ninja, probably related in part to your more aggressive noise suppression and sharpening settings and in part to the demosaic algorithm utilized by PN. Look at the pavement to the left of the "Macelleria" sign. The more aggressive noise suppression in the PN has rubbed out texture in the pavement bricks and given them a plasticky look. Moreover, there is obvious maize moire in the pavement. It's quite clear as you look "up" the sidewalk. This moire is not present in the LR version, so it didn't "originate" in the raw file. Rather, it was introduced by some combination of the PN demosaic engine and/or your settings in PN and it's the sort of problem you sometimes see when aggressive demosaic/sharpening strategies are used. There are other tradeoff issues in the PN version as well, but these examples should suffice to reinforce the point that there are no magic bullets and no substitute for getting exposure right in the first place.

By the way, in case you didn't know, Iliah Borg, who responded in this thread, has been involved in the development of raw processing tools for many years. You should pay attention to what he's trying to explain to you. Some of us who've been hanging around DPReview for a long time have learned a lot from him.

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