Comparing Olympus 4/3lenses to FX "Full Frame" offerings

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Re: Tiger1, I need your help!

Tiger1 wrote:

Jay Ell wrote:

Tiger1 wrote:

Hi, I am a bit puzzled, and as a knowledgeable person I am sure you can help me out:


Let's assume that the pixels of both test systems are the same as the other technology as well. Let's also define that I use ISO 100 and 1/1000s shutter speed for each shot. Also the sensors have the same aspect ratio (4:3).

The questions:

I'll take a picture with 150mm f/2 lens on a 4/3 system, and I choose the f/2.8 aperture. Let's call this P-43.

Then I'll take a FF camera and put on a 150mm lens with f/2.8 aperture and take a picture and crop the picture to the 4/3 frame size - let's call this P-FF43.

Are the output pictures similar or different and if so, in which way? I think they should be identical in this thought experiment, but if not, can you help me out why not?

Of course they are the same! I never said they wouldn't be!

Then I'll take a FF camera and put on a 300mm lens with f/2.8 aperture and take a picture and do no cropping at all. Let's call this P-FF.

If I look at the picture out of this combinatiion at the size of typical piece of paper (A4 or letter size) and compare it to the P-43 and P-FF43, is the picture the same or different to those and if different, in what way? As you teach, the light density should be the same in all these images, and I think I just understand it, but shouldn't the P-FF get more light as it image the lens draws is bigger and it's captured by the bigger sensor area and if so, should the image be less noisy? Or does it matter at all? I am confused, please help me out.

The image on the P-FF will be of superior quality obviously. There are more pixels receiving exactly the same light density each so overall there will be less noise in the image as this noise will be "Zoomed Out" so to speak and made less obvious. The noise per pixel will be the same though.

Now that I think of this problem, what about Pentax Q? If I use a 55mm f/2.8 lens on it (P-Q), and output the picture is it just as good as the other cameras would make?

Please help me!

Don't know much about the Pentax Q sensor, its size, pixel count and I definitely don't know how it compares to the imaginary sensor you described above so I cannot answer that question with any surety. Sorry.

OK, three images all taken with the same lens, a Sigma 100-300/4 set at 300/4, same shutter speed. One is taken on a Pentax Q. The other two are taken on a E-1 and D800 and cropped to the same coverage as the Pentax Q shot. Which is which?

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