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Scott Whittemore
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Re: Southern Decadence

I like this very much. I really like all the fine detail in the foliage and spanish moss, the path leading into the distance through the tree arches and the nice creamy texture of the marble. The trees make an excellent ornamental frame around the statue. I think your composition is excellent.

Perhaps, as Roel says, there is an "HDR feel" to it but I, for one, do not see that as necessarily a flaw. I see it more as an artistic choice. I do not see in this image any unsightly or distracting artifacts such as noise, oversaturation, or halos that might come from overprocessing. I might have processed this image in much the same way as you have, had it been mine to process (and perhaps evoked the same reaction from Roel  ). It is art, after all, and therefore a matter of taste.

To my eyes, this is very nicely done.

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