Any Olympus super-zoom/bridge camera (or old UZI) users thinking of the Fuji S1?

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Henry Falkner
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Re: Any Olympus super-zoom/bridge camera (or old UZI) users thinking of the Fuji S1?

Michael Meissner wrote:

Henry, I gave up on Olympus video and went to using a refurbished JVC camcorder for recording my renaissance faires. For my tastes, Olympus video formats are not compressed enough that it became an issue when I was recording 8+ hours of video in a day.

For me, that the SH-50 records at typically 9000+ bits per second is an advantage. I do a main edit taking out all the forming up and 'how do YOU do this?' banter, which then becomes my base file. The camera originals get discarded when no one come up with special requests after about a month. The YouTube videos are rendered at 4500 BPS, and you better not touch them again.

Also, you can hear the sound of the lens focusing, even in my point & shoot cameras.

The SZ-30MR is a beggar for zoom noise. I edit out the zooming, which makes then straight cuts.

It is probably subjective, but I tend to feel the auto focusing and subject tracking is smoother on a camera designed to be a video camera, than on a P&S/mirror-less/DSLR.

That I agree with. The SH-50 is MUCH better here than ANY previous still camera I have used for video, but it does not have the positive action of a camcorder.

There is an other issue however. A lot of my video is done around performances - and performers feel less threatened by a still camera, even when they know it takes videos mainly. My 1998 Canon M100 DV tape camera was tolerated because it looks like a still camera, not a camcorder.


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