A reminder for some memebers as to what the F stop is all about.

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philosomatographer wrote:

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philosomatographer wrote:

Have you used a wide-enough range of lenses and systems to really tell, though? If so, let's just agree to disagree.

Truth be told, I don't think the IQ differential really matters to the vast majority. Post a nice pic with stripped EXIF from the 50-200 / 2.8-3.5 and say it was from the 35-100 / 2, and no one will doubt you. Post a bad pic from the 35-100 / 2, and people will praise you just because you own something so expensive. It's the same in all the forums.

Well, there we go - agreeing again.

I've any number of bad habits.

Technical quality is almost completely orthogonal to artistic merit, and it usually just doesn't matter. Pity it gets everytbody knickers in a knot when one dares talk about technicalities though!


The E-5 is most certainly not even 'competitive' - the sensor is horribly outdated, and these lenses are starved of a worthy sensor.

Will they not work on the EM1?

Oh yes - they work fine. Problem is, an EM1 sensor is no match for a good full-frame sensor...

I would argue otherwise, but...

...and the SHG lenses at f/2.0 hopelessly out-resolve the 16MP sensor to the point of creating moíre aliasing across the frame.

Lenses do not outresolve sensors, nor do sensors outresolve lenses. The aliasing comes from the lack of an AA filter.

The EM1 is a small step-up in image quality from the E-5.

Sure -- same lenses, same pixel count, just a bit more efficient.

From a detail rendition aspect, it's just about the best 12MP sensor you're going to ever find.But it's a noisy, DR-limited 12MP.

To me, you can't get a photo with just a lens or just a sensor. You kind of need both. So what matters is how the lens performs on the available sensors. I mean, would you brag about owning a Ferrari if it sported wheels and tires from a Camry? I mean, why not just get a Camry -- it's a pretty decent car.

The same situation applies to your high-resolution full-frame DSLR cameras and the so-so lenses you have to put on them.

The lenses I have put on my camera are not so-so. Of course, I can always want for more.

Seems we just can't win whichever way we go!

In terms of the visual properties of the photo, it's the system that matters, not the individual components. In terms of getting the photo at all, it's the operation of the equipment.  In terms of the "success" of the photo, it's the photographer's abilities, in terms of vision, competence, and processing skills that matter, not the equipment.

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