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Re: The MFT standard explicitly allows a variety of aspect ratios

a13 wrote:

But since anything else (apart from 1:1) would still be a crop from 4:3, .....

That statement is demonstrably false.

If you look at the specs of the Lumix GH2, which uses a multi-aspect sensor, it is obvious that, for that particular sensor, 1:1 is a crop of 4:3 (not the other way round), while 3:2 is not a crop of 4:3 (nor the other way round), neither is 16:9. You can see this from the maximum pixel sizes of the images in the various formats, which are:

  • 1:1 - 3456 x 3456
  • 4:3 - 4608 x 3456
  • 3:2 - 4752 x 3168
  • 16:9 - 4976 x 2800

The sensor on this camera is clearly not a simple rectangular shape. Its maximum width in pixels is 4976 and its maximum height is 3456, but it is clearly not a rectangle 4976 x 3456 because it would then produce images 4976 x 3456, which it does not.

I'm not sure if any other MFT cameras have used similar multi-aspect sensors, but future cameras may do so again.

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