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Re: The MFT standard explicitly allows a variety of aspect ratios

a13 wrote:

The MFT mount standard is designed to be compatible with all lenses meeting the format, and of course any manufacturer -could- put any sized sensor they like behind the mount. But since anything else (apart from 1:1) would still be a crop from 4:3, why would a manufacturer go about designing a whole new funky-shaped sensor when you would be writing a smaller image area from the lens and suffer distorting all the common lens reaches to boot?

That's incorrect - that was the whole point of the multi-aspect ratio sensor used in the Panasonic GH1 and GH2. By providing a slightly oversized yet still rectangular sensor they were able to get more usable pixels in non-4:3 modes such as 3:2 and 16:9.

In other words, any time you use an oversized sensor of any aspect ratio, you're able to take advantage of more of the lens's image circle.  So I think the crux of the matter is less about aspect ratio and more about how much "extra" sensor area you provide.

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