Small-sensor + Long lens combo, is the Nikon 1 the best choice?

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Re: Small-sensor + Long lens combo, is the Nikon 1 the best choice?

nigelht wrote:

As an addendum…I don't think that a CX camera with a native f-mount would be significantly smaller than a V1 with FT-1. It doesn't strike me that Nikon went out of its way to go "Hey, how fat and heavy can we make the FT-1 to annoy N1 owners?" but made it tough enough to not break while connected to some big lenses. Plus you need a bit of standoff for the lens to work.

The FT-1 (and originally the EN-EL15 with the V1) was a way for a Nikon owner to be able to pick up the V1 + kit lenses (which are IMHO more decent than most DSLR kit lenses in quality) and have a wide array of glass and spare batteries to use from his or her collection of AF-S lenses.

The CX mount also allows for native lenses to be a bit smaller than their larger counterparts.

The V1 with the grip installed does improve the feel of the camera with the FT-1.

You're right, a CX body, with an F-mount wouldnt be any smaller than a V1 + FT1.  I wouldn't expect it to.  In fact I would prefer if it were larger, because that would leave room for manual controls.

If nikon made something about the size of an OM-D E-M5 (it might be a bit longer in the front), and gave it front and rear dials (shutter/aperture), and enough buttons to allow changing ISO and other things without having to go into a menu.

Maybe a brand better suited to this purpose would be Sony.  The E-mount is designed for mirrorless, so perhaps wouldn't suffer the need to have a large gap between the lens rear element, and the sensor.  There seems to be a sufficient amount of E-mount lenses to serve this purpose.

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