Another Olympus E-M1 and SONY a7 walkabout test, high ISO

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Re: Olympus faster lenses and IBIS

Lab D wrote:

Thanks for the samples, they are very helpful.

I would remind everyone that Olympus has wider aperture lenses and IBIS too. This means if you use the Olympus 12-40mm F/2.8 as a walkabout lens, not only will you have a greater range and more uses (also a great close-up lens), but you will get 1 extra stop of light over the new Sony 24-70mm F/4 lens.

How so: in equivalence terms, the Oly 12-40/f2.8 becomes 24-80/f5.6 versus the Sony 24-70/f4.0?

You can expose on the Oly one stop faster (at f/2.8), but the sensor difference nullify this. In fact, the Sony, when exposed at f/4.0, is one stop slower in exposure, but two stops faster in sensor size - so you actually would gain a stop with the Sony. (Only at f/5.6 the exposure is similar).

If you talk about same exposure, your are trading DOF in the FF sensor for less noise.

BTW - the two setups are fairly similar in size as well.

And if you are using primes, the FE primes don't have IS, so the IBIS will in some cases also give you a couple extra stops advantage.

Yes, and this can be meaningful at times - A7 shooters have commenting on this. But, to an A7 shooter, it means that the ISO will (have to) go higher, in other words, the A7 image will be no worse than the M1 image. If ISO can be kept lower on the A7, the image is usually significantly better.

For me it doesn't matter. There are no avaialbe long lenses fo rthe A7 and the focusing is still not good. For me the Sony is not even a consideration because it can't do what I want.

So you are a tele-lens shooter. Up to 90mm (FF), the A7 is extremely usable without IS, and lack of IBIS is not really an issue. IBIS is critical on the Oly, because the smaller sensor results to longer exposures as well as yielding longer equivalent focal length. Again - that is tele-lens area, possible under low light. Not where most people take their pictures - examples are sports, wildlife, action. A DSLR might still be best for that (AF speed & accuracy with fast tele).

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