Our (photographers) taste in photos vs the general public

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Re: My take on this

NewGirlLiz wrote:

Out of these three photographs, I like the first one best. It is the one that most appeals to me - although I'd love to have seen more of that reflection that you have in the foreground.

When I get time I will post the original version. I'll be interested if you like it better.

The second one doesn't excite me that much - although it looks like a beautiful sunset. (Or is it a sunrise?) I think that's because there isn't enough to focus on other than the sunset itself. Neither the trees nor the foreground seem quite interesting enough to me.

This was the original feedback I received. I just liked the color so I decided to show it. Some have singled it out as one of their favorites. Thus this thread.

The third one doesn't really do anything for me either (sorry).

No need to apologize for your honest feedback. That is what I want. As you may have read others feel differently and that is very educational.

I'm very new to photography so I don't have much experience of this issue here, yet. However, I'm a writer by trade and your question resonates very much with my experiences there - which I'll share a bit of in case it helps you with this question.

Thanks very much for that.

Also, from my experience of working with new writers, they frequently get extremely positive feedback from friends and family, and when they take the same thing to an editor or a writer can often be dismayed when they get a page full of notes on what they should change.

Which is why the feedback here is so important to me. It is absolutely impossible to get folks I know to say anything bad about my photos. I only learn from them based on which ones they like best.

MPA1's comment about the most obvious pics winning challenges over the 'best' is similar to the fact that best seller lists are often full of books where the author has spun a gripping yarn rather than books with great literary merit.

Gripping yarn? Google was no help on that.

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