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You are on a winning streak

Zindanfel wrote:

After last week's stunner, it seems that you are on a winning streak...

I haven't been shooting much lately, so here's an oldie.

... well maybe not a winning streak of shooting then, but of selecting.

I didn't go B&W with this because I think the idea of buy-in/sharing the Dream is stronger with the worker more prominent than he would seem rendered in B&W -- the flavor becomes more real-world and less "historical."

The beauty is that the right part of the image, though colour (I'll take your word for it although an evenly grey chair seems odd - this image looks more to me like colour on the left and B&W on the left) SEEMS totally B&W (linking this image to that precise point in time when "I have a dream" was pronounced in the most reverberating way, while the left part is colour, and colour in exactly the right place, i.e. drawing our attention to a little grey mouse of a man that we would probably not have noticed otherwise.

I have a strong "Dilbert" feeling about this one : the irony of an unnoticeable office slave, with his head buried deep in the instrument of his office torture, but still proclaiming that in the depth of his personal feelings, he has a dream (probably the Walter Mitty dream of escaping this boring life).

Also I wanted an immediate viewer connection between the window quote and the person -- if he were in B&W a slight search would be needed to find him.


Not much choice on composition. A straight shot through the right-side window loses the office context provided by a crowded bulletin board. Also, I think the Dream quote superimposed on the mundane content of the board has voice.

Indeed the right composition.  On top of what you already mentioned, we do not want to be looking at this man through a window pane.  We want to see him through an open door, which can be taken/interpreted in two different ways:

* positive: that he is in that office but the open door is his possibility of escape, there for the taking, with the dream his siren

* negative: that the door is open, so what is stopping him, except his own incapability to act upon his dream and indeed escape - with no real boundaries stopping him, this man is his own prison guard, and the dream is a sorry excuse for remaining passive.

Having said that, I could meniton some technical merits too, but frankly I don't think they matter a single bit.

This was shot in downtown Seattle as I walked to catch the ferry home.

You are a productive commuter: did you get as much work done on your destination as on the road?

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