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vivanchenko wrote:

Randy, I gave you excellent examples proving my point when we discussed x-trans previously. The only problem you had with them was that those samples were not shot by me personally. You seem to forget that it is not me who we are discussing in this forum, it's X-Trans. Who cares who made those samples? The thing is that you failed to demonstrate your point with randomly selected set of samples.

And what I am saying is at least based on information provided by manufacture. Many statements made by others, like x-trans has RAW level noise reduction are based on nothing at all.

I believe it is almost common knowledge now that the demosaicing procedures for the X-Trans CFA, by their very nature, do reduce color noise. That much has been said by at least one developer of a raw processor. Don't hold me to it, though, I do not have access to any papers that show that unequivocally, but the notion is floating around quite persistently. Nobody says, though, that the noise reduction is done on top of demosaicing, but rather it is rolled into it, as a side effect, sot to say. I do not know whether it is possible to demosaic the X-Trans CFA without any such serendipitous noise reduction.

If this is the case then those who say that X-Trans cameras produce less noise because Fuji incorporates demosaicing NR are wrong, because I understand most other camera manufacturers are doing the same thing.

I read articles like this quite a long time ago: http://research.microsoft.com/pubs/155038/267_lowlight.pdf

But I wasn't aware that something like this is a wildly utilized technique.

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