MFT I don't get it . . .

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Re: MFT I don't get it . . .

mchnz wrote:

VertigonA380 wrote:

Sure I understand the ratio, but why didn't they just make it 1:1? I mean the converging lens would create the same image projection on the sensor, so why make it 4:3 and lose out? Or am I missing something technical in between?

One issue is that you would then increase the failure rate on the sensor production line, there would be more photosites that could go wrong - it drives the cost up.

Another consideration is powering and reading from the sensor. All the other electronics and firmware would have to pick up the pace. Because of this, if your competitors don't also go square, they could likely beat you for rectangular images, if you are already ahead of them fine, but not if you're trying to catch up or keep even.

Thanks for the reply, I don't think failing photosites would be too much of an issue, I mean we are only adding a small bit to an already small sensor. I mean then what do you do about FF sensors?

The frame question sure, but then again the Fuji XT-1 pushes out 8fps, the Nikon CX sensor 60 fps. I think making an adequate frame rate for MFT's wouldn't be too hard.

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