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Re: Why do these A7R shots look so awful?

Trey does not apologize for his use of HDR and heavy handed post processing. I like it and bought a package of LR presets from him. I caught an interview with him where he was recommending the NEX-7 which is why I bought it last June. I loved the fact he had the guts to tell off and switch from Nikon for their behemoth cameras. He has been a strong advocate for mirrorless and EVF and does very well without being paid by Sony.

Photography is art and with the tools available today, why not use them to express your creativity. I don't think most on DPReview like his work because they don't get it or spend their time looking at corners or how sharp they can get a photograph. Trey has 11 million followers on Google, FB, etc. so I think he can ignore the heavy PP criticism. Even Ansel Adams was very creative in his developing with very high or low contrast at times. I think if he were alive today he would say go for HDR if you please. Some of my best and most praised photos from friends/family are heavy handed HDR work done in LR with multiple images. Posting them here is futile considering the narrow minded reactions. Printing HDR large is where you really get surprising results.

Also, Trey nearly always uses a tripod because it was a work around for when he was shooting the NEX-7 and its' 3 shot or EV difference limitations. He starts with LR and then uses Topaz Adjust and Photomatix Pro a lot with his work.

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