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Victor Engel wrote:

Dareshooter wrote:

Victor Engel wrote:

Dareshooter wrote:

Indeed but the the flash would have had more fill power if AV mode was instead of auto.

How do you figure? I assume by "AV mode" you mean aperture priority mode. All this does is keep the aperture at a constant setting and adjust the exposure appropriately. It has no effect on flash power.

In AV mode the ambient exposure would be the same but the higher ISO would effectively increase the flash's power output by way of upping the GN.This would only work for fill light though,looks as if the op shot auto and the flash was used for the entire exposure. To this end I've given this more thought and perhaps the underexposure was caused by the camera metering off the guys white shirt. Interested to hear your thoughts Victor.

What higher ISO? This is the first I've seen recommending a different ISO. Does the 60D automatically change ISO in Av mode? That would be a switch from any camera I've used (I've not used a 60D). Let's explore this scenario.

I did suggest raising the ISO earlier on in the thread.

In Av mode, the aperture is controlled by the user. You haven't stated a different apertured, so I assume you mean to suggest the same aperture used in the photo. You suggest a higher ISO. At a higher ISO and the same aperture, to keep the background from blowing out, you'd need a shorter shutter speed. The shutter speed of the photo in question is 1/250 second, which is the sync speed for this camera. So this won't work. It's already at the shortest possible shutter speed.

I know I didn't state using a different aperture, my bad.

The only possibility is to stop down AND increase ISO. This cuts down the ambient light, thus reducing the power requirement of the flash (does not increase the power of the flash). That would work, but it requires a smaller aperture.

Yes the aperture for would have to be stopped down to achieve the sync speed but the higher ISO of 400 would mean that the GN would increase from 13 to around 26  providing enough power for fill light.

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