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isotope wrote:

this is awesome... thank you everyone for providing your inputs...

quick questions..

how do i mask? or layer? in Lightroom 4.0.

Lightroom does not have image layers or adjustment layers with associated layer-masks in the same way as Photoshop has.

What LR does have though is the Adjustment Brush. By painting the Adjustment Brush to the area you want you are creating a mask, and through that mask you can apply a variety of adjustments. You can also stack adjustment brush masks and what they adjust. So you can have one which covers a whole area to for example lift exposure, and then a second which then works on a smaller area within the first one with a different or same effect, for example to negate back that overall exposure lift you just painted with the first brush mask.

So - to process your image, select the adjustment brush, select automask, set exposure to around +2 stop, set a sutbale brush size and then simply paint over all of the 3 under-exposed people - all parts of them (press O to see the mask as you paint it up). Adjust the contrast also if you wish. When I tested this, this now left the boys face a bit over-exposed, so after clicking Done for that first area covering all of them, I used a second new application of the brush to back his face now off by 1 stop (and with also a tweak to contrast also, but note there are also shadows/highlights, etc..). I could have built up the painted areas differently, for example another area painted to the gentleman's face or hair, or to the ladies face.

The Adjustment Brush and its masking in LR is actually very very powerful once you start to build up using multiple painted selections.

Watch this video:

(That is applicable to LR4 also).

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