70D price - any speculation/projections??

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Re: 70D price - any speculation/projections??

Travelino wrote:

Not sure if this will post, as I'm new here, but I found a great price for the 70D on B&H. You have to look down at the various combos they have and you will find two deals with a Canon printer that results in a $400 rebate with the 70D. Sounds not so good at first, but look at the final price and you will see this is even a better deal than the holiday prices that are no longer available.

This same deal was actually available during the holidays and IMO, is probably among the smartest ways to get a 70D right now, IF you also want a printer.


It's the 70D + 18-135 STM + "200 DG" Canon shoulder bag + 16GB Sandisk Extreme Class 10 memory card + Pixma Pro 100 and 50 sheets of 13x19 paper, all for $1249 after the 400 AMEX gift card rebate.

Should you not want the printer and paper, I see them regularly advertised together on CL for $150. Problem is, "I see them regularly advertised" which I assume means they aren't selling overly fast. Same with eBay (although I haven't checked recently). So, you could probably get your total investment down to $1100 by selling the printer and paper, then down another $225-250 if you sell the 18-135 STM (I believe eBay takes like 10% plus paypal takes 3%). Finally, selling the bag will net you $15-20. So, all in all, you're down to $835-900 for the camera and memory card. Not bad if you're willing to put in the time and aggravation - plus take a chance that your listings don't go for substantially less.

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