Is A mount Sony's Titanic?

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Re: Is A mount Sony's Titanic?

Photostyle wrote:

Very nice picture, what lens deed you use for the bird in flight ? thanks.

thank you..

The lens is a sigma 75-200 2.8/3.5. It usually goes for way less than it's worth because previously most copies were only able to be used wide open manual focus.

When sony released the a33/a55 and sigma lenses that had worked didn't sony must have changed rom specs or 'whatever' because thet now function fully(auto-focus and aperture) from a57 and up(a65/a77 ect.) I have had four copies previously trying to find a 'working one' for my a100 then a55...

Even though it wouldn't stop down with my a55 or focus it was so sharp open and the color/ bokeh so nice i used it very often regardless.  That shot is 200mm @3.5

Here are a couple more with the lens and my a55....Exif reads f1 because of the issue but these are all wide open manual focus. Of the four copies two were very sharp open and two were okay sharp wide open-wicked sharp stopped down .

It does work fully with my a65 currently and previously with an a58 those shots are at bottom with correct exif. Thank you-brian

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