Em-1 Noise in Low ISO, Low light shots.

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Re: Em-1 Noise in Low ISO, Low light shots.

So a a bit of history about the photo I took. I intentionally underexposed the photo (cause it looked great in the EVF). I do notice the "sky" noise in some of my underexposed photos. Again its not a great deal at all. I was just curious about it. Ill just remember to maybe expose correctly and reduce exposure in Post process (probably a better way to do it anyways)

Also thanks for the critique. I have a processed version of the image. Quite happy with the image and the 12-40 + EM-1 combination.

Please let me know any inputs about the photo. The following Post process steps were applied (all in aperture).

1. Some noise reduction.

2. Boost contrast.

3. Adjust Black Point.

4. Increase Saturation.

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