a lot of pressure on Sony now ...

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Re: a lot of pressure on Sony now ...

miro3 wrote:

to match and outperform the Fuji X-T1 with the A7000 ( successor of the NEX-7) and the successor of the A7r.

How do you think Sony will respond?

I hope they don't respond with a similar design and don't like all the knobs and faux hump. Do you really need a PASM, Shutter speed, and Exposure compensation dial? These are all electronically controlled and for design only in my opinion. One or two flat control wheels can do all of this for the user and quickly once they figure out the camera.

As long as fully functional, I believe in "less is more". The pity of this is that mirrorless RF style cameras have traditionally not looked like DSLR cameras and buyers are uneducated but want the best for their money so they believe these dials and humps are necessary. They also add unnecessary bulk to the camera. Never mind this is just a 16mp sensor which isn't an improvement over Fuji's other APS-C cameras. Unfortunately I think Sony is going to take the low road on design with the NEX-7 replacement and it will look very similar to the A7/A7R. Until Canikon begins to change their designs once they adopt EVF vs. OVF, we will be stuck with this look. Kudos to the Japanese for figuring out the NEX cameras are just as good as DSLR and bought them up like crazy. Why can't the rest of the world get this? The classic DSLR look is old and boring.

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