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Less or zero?

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- sergey

Good sharp image with nice tones and tonalities, but I find that the top of the parachute is just a bit tto close to the top edge of the image. As a viewer, you want to see just a bit of where that guy was coming from. Having him hug the top of the image is bad for the dynamic feel of the movement. (It would be worse to have him hit the bottom edge, but also on top some separation would be desirable IMHO).

There is a common framing rule - Leave more room in front, and less behind. I almost clipped the chute, but I think as is is just fine.

I am of course aware of that common framing rule.  That is exactly why I said it would be worse if the jumper were touching the bottom edge.

He does indeed need space INTO WHICH to move.

But I also feel that for a real dynamic feeling, there must be at least a bit of space "behind" (or "above") the moving subject, FROM WHICH there comes the movement.

Consider the example of a moving car or bicycle: you definitely do not want him to run into the edge of the image.  But it would also look odd if the back part seemed glued to the edge of the direction he was coming from.  Almost like that edge holding him back or having a suction or glue influence.  That is also what I feel (subjectively) with an image with a downward movement in which the subject is almost attached to the top.

Like you said : MORE room in front, and LESS behind.  But in these matters, less is not zero for me.

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