if you had a digital camera with flawless clarity /detail/dynamic range would you be happy ?

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Re: if you had a digital camera with flawless clarity /detail/dynamic range would you be happy ?

Super16mman wrote:

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lets say they came out with a camera that had perfect clarity and dynamic range

and unlimited detail - would you be happy.

or let me reword this - you know how these above elements are getting better with time

lets fast forward this and imagine what could be produced 450 years from now.

is that what you want ?

As opposed to...?

Your comment reminds me of that joke about God making a boulder not even He could lift -- in that it superficially appears to make sense, right until you try to parse it beyond the most basics of grammar. Because surely no one with half a mind would ask whether one would be happy with the dynamic range of a camera with perfect dynamic range, or whether one would be content with the detail retention of a camera with "unlimited" detail, were such a thing allowed by the laws of Physics.

I think what he's saying is those three things don't make photography what it is. Photography is subject matter, composition, lighting, texture, color etc. and sometimes our pursuit of technological excellence makes us forget those things. I think you can already see people rebelling against high-end digital photography through the lo-fi digital and film movements, although high-end camera and camera technologies are and will always be extremely important.


I was looking at the newest high rez camera over the weekend - such as the D880E.

I was thinking about what a great camera it is - then it dawned on me that the photos I like the most are not the ultra clear pristine perfect ones but the moody atmospheric dream like images. so what would the 800E really get me ?

just like the most perfect lens that could ever be produced might not really give you the look you want

maybe ultra fast focus is the most important thing...................

You can take a perfectly exposed perfectly sharp picture and post process it to give you the dreamy effect that you want. You can never take a blurry out-of-focus dreamy atmospheric picture and fix it up.

This is the same reason that some of us shoot raw and some of us shoot JPEG. If you JPEG, there is a limitation to the modifications you can make to the photo. If you shoot raw, you can dumb (if that is the appropriate word) it down to JPEG levels. You can never smart a JPEG up a RAW level.

That should seem obvious.

By your logic, throw out your sharp lenses and sharp sensors and buy a 2 MP digital camera with a cheap plastic lens. In fact, they make them. They are called "toy cameras" and they cost maybe $10.

I see what you're saying, and I agree. It's always better to start with the most information possible. Toy cameras are awesome though. I took this with a $10 key chain camera.

Just think how much dreamier, out of focus and with bad color they will be with the "advances" we can expect 200 years from now.


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