The rise of (serious) mirrorless: Sony Alpha 7 and Fuji X-T1

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The DPR click chart does show a large shift in enthusiast interest.

And, an unprecedented shift as well, as compared to... well, since high grade digital photography came to be, back around the year 2000.

I expect much of that is - now that the staples of more MP/more ISO are hitting pratical limits, where more doesn't necessarily mean better photos, mirrorless is where all of the interesting new developments are happening. Most of those developments are not applicable to a traditional DSLR, with the limitations of legacy film lens mount, legacy registration distance, and OVF.

But, will the rising interest in mirrorless translate into sales?

In the new markets where photo gear hasn't been active for decades, such as the fast growing Asian nations, mirrorless is selling very well.

In the established markets of the US and EU, it isn't selling that well. I suspect that is due to the large number of existing C/N DSLR owners, with large investments in glass. There's no compelling reason to spend a not inconsquential amount to walk away from that right now - a good mirrorless setup costs as much, likely a bit more than a good DSLR setup.

So I see the DPR click chart as a warning to C/N: the enthusiasts you rely on for sales are very interested in these new platforms. Right now, the existing base of lenses is keeping sales in check, but that won't last forever. Already the µ43 platform has an extensive line of native, size optimized lenses to go with an extensive line of bodies, from micro to mini-DSLR. Fuji just pushed into the more mainstream. Sony made a bold, if not incomplete, statement with the A7 line.

The only hard and fast conclusion is: the next few years will be very interesting.

Can Fuji go head to head with C/N in the lens line? Can they do it without compromising lens IQ, or going broke by growing too fast? (remember the Osbourne computer company...)

Are C/N so intent on continuing what worked during the DSLR boom years of 2000-2009, that they can't change their leadership to match the change in platforms?

Will µ43's bet on smaller sensor/smaller lens pay off? Sensor tech is eroding the larger sensor advantage, while the lens size advantage remains a constant. Hint: even the DOF advantage of the larger sensor may be lost, with some interesting new tech developments.

Will Sony's A7 platform wither because Sony can't make really good FF glass to go with it? Imagine Canon without L glass to see the problem here...

What will Pentax do? Don't count them out.

Stay tuned, Platform Fight Night is on.

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