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Re: Please Panasonic fans!

honeyiscool wrote:

Pixnat2 wrote:

Nobody tells or implies that the E-M1 is better for video than the GH3, it isn't!

This article written from a very knowledgeable Panasonic user (Andrew Reid), and linked by another Panasonic user (myself), tells that the E-M1 video is of good quality for an Olympus (of course, not as good as a Panasonic) and very useable for artists and filmmakers.

So please, don't feel threatened by this post : the GH3 is still the King for video in m4/3 land, and is likely to stay until the new King will come : the GH5.

But please, be fair enough to recognize when Olympus has made some progress.

Otherwise, the word fan becomes fanboy, and that ain't so good!

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The thing is, though, it's a little sad when Olympus fanboys, who have always gotten away with "it's a stills camera, not a video camera," all of a sudden read one review and think that now Olympus is better than Panasonic in every way possible, when apparently two weeks ago video didn't matter to them.

Maybe Olympus fanboys told this because Panasonic fanboys told that Olympus is complete cr@p for video There's always two sides, you know.

Anyway, I don't see many Olympus fanboys participating on this thread. On the other side...

The whole fanboy thing is a real pity, and a poison for this forum.

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