Small-sensor + Long lens combo, is the Nikon 1 the best choice?

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Re: Small-sensor + Long lens combo, is the Nikon 1 the best choice?

Sonyshine wrote:

I have A3 prints from my V1 that are excellent.

I have some excellent A3 prints from a Panasonic DMC-TZ7 (which I use as a notebook camera), but I wouldn't claim that the average output from that camera is as good as from an APS-C or FF one. Certainly you can get good results from small sensors under favourable conditions.

And a camera with a small sensor and high pixel pitch is "pre-cropped" when used with a long lens such as a 400mm. Good for birds and insects, and some macro work.

Conversely, a big sensor with low pixel pitch is good for street photography at night.

I have recently sold some commercial work I do ( technical macro ) using the V1 and 40mm AFS micro lens

I also use the V1 for stock photography and have good sales (I am a well established member with a long history in stock photography which does help a lot.)

So I refute the implication that V1 or V2 images are not good enough - they are good and commercial if thats your thing.

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