Oly 25mm 1.8 available for pre-order on Amazon

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Re: Only $100 more for the Panasonic?

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First I am not sure if the 25/1.8 will have better corners at f1.8. Keep in mind though that only the 25/1.4 can be used at f1.4, which makes it the fastest native m4/3 lens. Another thing to remember is that corner sharpness is not everything, and in fact the corrections for corners sharpness often result in bad bokeh. The 25/1.4 is known to have a smooth bokeh even wide open, which is one of the main reasons people want it. Edge to edge sharpness is more important for a lens designed to be used for landscape. The 25/1.8 is really best to be viewed as an ideal kit lens with the new OM10 for people who are just starting to collect lenses. If you already have the 25/1.4 or the 20/1.7, it is hard to justify the need to get this lens, IMOP. If OM10 uses the same image processor as EM1 (and it seems that it does), the banding issue with 20/1.7 should be addressed.

Mmm, but it has the same sensor as the E-M5 and not the E-M1 and it is likely a SENSOR issue, not an image processor issue. So it probably does have the same banding.

Read the E-M1 review: this issue was addressed in E-M1.

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