X-T1 and 56mm hands-on

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Re: X-T1 and 56mm hands-on

Chris Dodkin wrote:

adr23 wrote:

Fuji Tuesday - Fuji owners meetup in Toronto. And they had a Fuji rep with all the goodies. Great people, lots of fun (a bit cold, but we stayed indoors)

I'm also going to Fuji on Friday for some sort of press day show and tell. Hopefully I'll get to play with the X-T1 and 56 a bit more. But Fuji has my money anyway

Fuji Canada really have their act together

I WAS going to agree with you because I checked Fujifilm Canada's web page and thankfully found that they do not claim to still make SLR's the way Fuji's corporate site does.

Compare Canada's main page slogan "Our digital cameras span the entire range of experience, style and function."


With corporate's: "From cutting-edge digital SLR pro-level models to fashion-conscious point-and-shoot compacts, there's a Fujifilm FinePix digital camera to satisfy every kind of photographer."


So that shows Fuji Canada lives in the world of today.

But then I went over to their film section and found that is a complete disaster.

They still list Astia as an available film!!  That's been gone for YEARS.

Then they list Fujichrome Provia 400F as a film, despite showing the box 400X, one which never existed, the other now long discontinued.

Then, Fujifilm Canada lists Fuji 160C, 160S, and Reala as current films.

None of them are.

Really, how hard is it to keep your web page up to date?  Not too hard, if you really care about your business.

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