Oly 25mm 1.8 available for pre-order on Amazon

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Re: Only $100 more for the Panasonic?

G1Houston wrote:

lnikj wrote:

We'll see but my guess is like the other Olympus 1.8 primes this will be edge and corner corrected whereas the Panaleica 1.4 is not to my knowledge (on Olympus bodies)?

First I am not sure if the 25/1.8 will have better corners at f1.8.  Keep in mind though that only the 25/1.4 can be used at f1.4, which makes it the fastest native m4/3 lens.  Another thing to remember is that corner sharpness is not everything, and in fact the corrections for corners sharpness often result in bad bokeh.  The 25/1.4 is known to have a smooth bokeh even wide open, which is one of the main reasons people want it.  Edge to edge sharpness is more important for a lens designed to be used for landscape.  The 25/1.8 is really best to be viewed as an ideal kit lens with the new OM10 for people who are just starting to collect lenses.  If you already have the 25/1.4 or the 20/1.7, it is hard to justify the need to get this lens, IMOP.  If OM10 uses the same image processor as EM1 (and it seems that it does), the banding issue with 20/1.7 should be addressed.

Mmm, but it has the same sensor as the E-M5 and not the E-M1 and it is likely a SENSOR issue, not an image processor issue. So it probably does have the same banding.

Your other points I agree with completely though. That said, at least the one chart floating around (see above) shows the 25mm f/1.8 to have slightly better corners at f/1.8 and f/2, but not quite as good from f/2.8 on and the center sharpness on the 25/1.4 is better across the range, though not by much.

Maybe 5-8lp/mm weaker on the 25/1.4 at f/1.8 and f/2, but 5-10lp/mm sharper in the center across the range and 3-5lp/mm sharper in the corners from f/2.8 on. Or so it seems. IE not significant differences. The rendering on the early samples on the 25/1.8 seem nice, but they don't move me. I do LOVE the rendering on my 25/1.4 though, and without a lot more pictures to compare, I think I like the rendering on the 25/1.4 better.

DoF is still a modest different between 25/1.4 and 25/1.8 too, and its already resonably deep for the 25/1.4, so I don't know that I'd want to limit my options further.

Just my 2 pence.

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