a lot of pressure on Sony now ...

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Re: a lot of pressure on Sony now ...

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If the successor to the NEX-7 is to be announced within 1 month, there's no time to chance their plan, or "respond".

Well, rumor sites had the specs like 2 months ago.

And if Sony has informants in Fuji, they might have had the specs much earlier.

So, they have known the specs for a while now, and have no excuse really.

Yes, of course they know

This sudden rush of retro-bodied cameras with humps... coincidence?

That is what is so absurd about the shills saying "you don't expect Sony to give their product strategy to the opposition do you?" when I said that Sony needed to communicate to their users in general terms what the future was for NEX users... the camera companies tell each other in general terms what they are planning!

I had a friend who worked in the 'competitive evaluation' dept of a major car company... they even used to share out their prototype cars so each could plan a 'response'!

True enough, and this morning Olympus introduced yet another 'humped' camera, this one more affordable, 3-axis IBIS, and VERY fast AF.

And because Olympus and Sony are now sharing nearly everything, they cam plan together to dominate the market.


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