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Re: Life is too short - make the switch if you can afford it.

Birddogman wrote:


What moving to Fuji (XP1) did for me was get me back to more careful contemplative photography – maybe that’s what you are talking about?

Bingo! I hear that a lot from Fuji users. That even though the controls are very responsive, the X cameras encourage a more deliberate approach to picture-taking. I have always found that outside of lucky shots, my best images came about when I slowed down and essentially forgot about the camera in favour of the scene.

Over time, especially as money became less of an issue and I got into better and better DSLR’s, my contemplative approach to imaging became more like “spray and pray”. That works, too, but it’s not nearly as satisfying.

I notice that even now between the X-10 and my DSLR. Keeper rate was usually higher with the X-10 even though it is nowhere near as capable as my T1i.

I wanted to somehow get back to that older methodology and thereby put more enjoyment into what I was doing. The XP1 had analog controls and looked a lot like my old Leicas, but underneath was a fully modern digital camera. I bought it and was NOT disappointed! My photography did become more contemplative and less machine like – I was more “involved” (for lack of a better word) in the creation of each image. I think (again this is just my opinion) my photography improved dramatically as a result. For sure it was MUCH more enjoyable.

Very well put. I think another part of it is that the physical bulk of a DSLR makes it the focus of shooting rather than the scene(s) in front of it. It usually goes like this for me: You snap a few. Chimp and hate the results. But instead of rethinking the scene you try to fiddle with camera settings! I do this even though I know better. It's irresistible almost.

I began reading about the Nikon Df, thinking it might be the answer because it has superb autofocus on moving subject and it has analog controls. I was within an inch of buying it, even though it would have been a very expensive process due to the need to replace all of my glass (I had no Nikon equipment). But reading early reports and such seemed to indicate there were a lot of flaws in the implementation of the concept – that was enough to get me to hold off – thank God!!!

Please do not mention that monstrosity. I have no idea who designed it, but they must have like four hands. How can an abundance of manual controls actually end up making it more difficult to use? Great concept flushed down the drain.

In fact, YOU were one of the people who helped talk me out of that disastrous move a few months ago. Now we have the X-T1 – hopefully the answer to my need plus I can use my Fuji glass. So, I hear you about buyer’s remorse! That was almost me!

I was? Huh... Mind you I'm still not exactly remorseful. In fact, I've enjoyed using the 70D thus far and know that once I get over the new gear hump will get back to enjoying taking pictures. I'm just lamenting that I don't have more money in my photography budget for the next several months is all. I really want a lighter, funner alternative for casual shooting. Even if I bought the X-T1 I would still need the 70D for the time-being for video, flash and macro work. Things may change once I actually own an X camera for a while but for now I can't see it as a "do-anything" camera. Not yet but definitely getting there.

My suggestion, if, and only if, you can afford it (obviously one should NEVER, EVER strain one’s finances even a tiny bit for toys) would be to dump the Canon stuff, take your hit and move on to Fuji. Why spend a precious year or two of your life messing around with equipment you don't find 100% suitable for your need to be more involved in the process? Life is too short. If you are looking to become more involved in the process or creating images, I strongly suspect Fuji will do that for you. It did for me.

I expect that I will pare down my Canon investment at the very least. We shall see. But thanks for the advice; I may still follow it if the X-T1 ends up being everything we think it's going to be.


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