So why don't people ever talk about the 4/3 aspect ratio?

Started Jan 28, 2014 | Discussions thread
Mike_PEAT Forum Pro • Posts: 13,099
MAJORITY of cameras ARE 4:3 ratio!

topstuff wrote:

It is not the same as 3/2. It is not the same as a APSC or FF , or really, ANY other camera.

Um, the majority of cameras out there, P&S and bridge cameras, ARE 4:3 ratio. TV's and computer screens until recently have been 4:3 ratio. The ONLY thing out there that's 3:2 is 35mm/135 and APS formats, and only take advantage of 3:2 print sizes like 6x4. Else the 3:2 image is cropped, or you have a border.

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