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Re: Sony's Greatest Challenge is not Fuji but...

quezra wrote:

Is it paying off for them? While Fuji is yet to turn a profit, all of the indications we have read is that Sony is making money on its ILC lines.

TLDR version: I doubt DPR posters will sway Sony's strategy; Fuji's problem is that they listen too much to a tiny niche of camera buyers whose absolute numbers aren't big enough to sustain a camera operation (hence the rather late descent into 'low-end' cameras like the XA/XM series).

That's an interesting issue. I've often wondered over the markets seeming obsession with market share in terms of number of camera bodies sold. There's never any mention of number of lenses sold. A company makes a little money off someone who buys a $550 entry level kit and adds a $150 tele zoom, then sits on that for 6 years. But they make more money off a $1300 kit followed by 2-3 lenses at $500-1000 each. Sure, if they sell 20 entry level kits, they make 20 times the small profit. Both are legit markets. I wonder if Fuji was smart to concentrate on the high end market and not try to dabble in both simultaneously. At least they rolled out a line of lenses to satsify a high end user quicker than Sony did. (How many posts did I read from people interested in the NEX-7, but holding out because the 24mm CZ lens was the only lens worth of it). I'm not saying Fuji is bound for success, but I don't see their approach as a model for failure, either. I really hope they do well. I just appreciate a company designing products specifically for enthusiast photographers. (My biggest knock against Fuji is the X-trans sensor which is apparently great for jpeg shooters thanks to Fuji's own jpeg engine, but not so great for raw shooters, depending on which software you use).

Personally, I think Sony's greatest challenge now is the same challenge it's been all along: making a dent in the Nikon/Canon duopoly. It doesn't matter whether you're selling a DSLR or an SLT or a CSC; consumers are going to look to Nikon & Canon first; most new buyers will continue to consider them first while most existing camera owners already have Nikon or Canon. And before CSCs can compete with each other, they have to convince buyers that they're better than DSLRs.

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