Going back to DSLR...

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Re: Going back to DSLR...

I too went through a very similar process. I tried very, very hard to buy into the Fuji system as I loved the JPG output, really appreciated the way the company listened to the users, and the lens line up is simply terrific. I tried liking the X-Pro 1 (too big for me and felt similar to my 6D), X-E1 (low EVF resolution, comparatively speaking, really bothered me), and X100S (got driven crazy by the AF).

At the end of the day I realized that although everyone lauds the slow, deliberate way of shooting required with Fuji cameras, that method really doesn't work for me. I need a camera with fast electronics, particularly for the moments I hand my camera off to friends so I can be in a picture for once. I really like to use my legacy lenses at their intended focal length, and appreciate peaking that isn't a shimmer of white. I also like it for other programs to be able to fully read my camera's RAWs. This and other reasons were why I just couldn't get into the Fuji X system, no matter how hard I tried.

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