D800 Autofocus issues II

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Re: While raising the same issue yet again does little

clarnibass wrote:

olyflyer wrote:
I don't always agree with what Leonard posts, and I have not checked his figures or the background of his statements, but I must say, so far I have not seen any evidence of real issues.

I agree with most of your post. I will just reply one fact about this issue of the supposedly 100% non-reliable focus targets claimed by Leonard Shepherd in tests so far posted on this forum.

I've seen many of those targets, chose several and printed them to test them. I used relatively low light from regular home bulbs, not good daylight etc. Most targets were 100% good and reliable to get focus. This to me is a proof that the targets were good ones (testing wide open with prime lenses).

Whether any tester did something else to cause an AF problem with the reliable targets, I don't know and probably no one can say for sure. But what I can say for sure is that I've proven to myself that some of those supposedly bad targets are 100% good and reliable AF targets.

I can't talk about this in general terms because the "test" images and test targets I have seen as supporting Leonard's statements. I have so far not seen one singe "faulty AF test" which was done according to the recommendations from Nikon. I have not seen all the "AF issue" threads and not keeping any stats, but so far have not seen one single which did not have a good explanation.

Now, please understand, I am not saying that all cameras are perfect or that everyone is testing erroneously, just that I have not seen any test images which could be used as evidence for this. Also, what I also have seen is that there are even those who claimed to have had AF issues then sent in their cameras and got it returned fixed.

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