D800 Autofocus issues II

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Re: D800 Autofocus issues II

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What do you want to solve by continuing this thread? If your camera is defective, do something. Resell it, fix it, or exchange it. If after 150 posts are back at square one, its time to take other avenues in regards to solving your AF issue.

This is a forum, to discuss issues etc, therefore that is exactly what I am doing. More and more people see the thread and it allows me to gauge how many folk have the problem. You okay with that, or can you just go to another thread and ignore this one if it displeases you?

...but to repeatedly "discuss" the same thing and question those who don't have the same problem, more or less insinuating that they are lying isn't normal, it is sort of "trollish".

He is absolutely right.

Do something. Resell it, fix it, or exchange it. If after 150 posts are back at square one, its time to take other avenues in regards to solving your AF issue. Screw brand loyalty, get another camera or another brand if you don't believe in Nikon.

Personally I can't imagine how people can live with a problem and nag/whine about it all the time. What is the point?

But lots of people, have the same issue I have...look at the last thread.

I have followed that thread, at the end of which you insinuated that I was a liar, while in all those 8 pages plus the three pages of this thread you have absolutely no evidence of your own claims and then after that thread hits the roof you start one which is more or less directly addressed to me and you continue your agenda. In that first thread there were also samples with "AF issues" posted, which later proved to be wrong conclusions in another thread by seahawk. You were awefully quiet in that thread, together with the others who have "AF issues". Did you all miss that, or you are only interested in threads and posts which give you support?

Anyway, are you some kind of self appointed savior or what? You keep on in these endless discussions which have ZERO base because you refuse to provide ANY sample images.

If you don't like this thread simply move on as I really don't need advice from you, of why I am not selling the camera.

As far as I am concerned, you are trolling unless you start providing some more facts. Post sample images, preferably in raw but definitely with EXIF. This is really getting ridiculous otherwise. Yes, you are right, it is none of my business why you keep the camera, though for me that sounds perverse if true because again, you just dismissing EVERY question asked, refusing to answer it just like you refuse to post images.

Again, calm down...I believe your camera is potentially defect free. I am truly happy for you. Mine isn't, as are others. Funnily enough I don't keep out of focus photographs, and I don't need to sit through a stream of noobs telling me it's motion blur or witchcraft that caused it.

if your camera is faulty send it to nikon for repair, this will fix your camera, posting endlessly here about the problem will not.

I've sent two separate D800s off to nikon and they cannot fix it, so afraid you are wrong. They just say its normal...

So, now the problem is multiplied by two? This sounds really a serious problem.

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