D800 Autofocus issues II

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Re: Can someone please point me to hard evidence of D800 focus problems

Simon Garrett wrote:

We know there was a left-focus issue with early D800s (now long-since fixed),

But still occasionally reported by new purchasers, whether they actually have it or not.

At $3000 it might still be a good idea to test immediately on receiving the camera and stay within the return period and actuation limit. Speaking only for myself, I don't think I would feel comfortable assuming my new D800 had no left focus issue without personal verification.

For that matter, some people who's opinions seem to carry some weight will recommend thorough testing of ANY new piece of gear prior to serious use.

As for any "generic" issue, I suspect no hard evidence will be forthcoming. It's impossible to prove that it NEVER occurs, and proving the existence of an OCCASIONAL design flaw seems to rely many times on anecdotal evidence.

As an aside, I have a second D800 (the e model this time) on order from B & H and plan to carefully examine it's performance during the return period.

For me, the issue is limited to whether MINEhas a problem, and I'll gladly leave the global debate to others with more and better data.

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