Is A mount Sony's Titanic?

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Re: Is A mount Sony's Titanic?

tbcass wrote:

Since I have 2 A mount cameras I am completely happy with I believe I am set for years to come. What happens after they die I won't worry about for now.

With the right lenses you can shoot sports/wildlife/weddings...absolutely everything/anything with what is out there now in a-mount bodies.

It is not as if the bodies will be 'worthless' or incompetent even in ten years....

for example..the bike was taken with a used a100 and the lowest(i think)rated lens at dyxum.sigma 28-200if aspherical-a $40 dollar used lens. I had this(a different edit)printed at 2-x30 satin on fuji archival paper. The print is very nice..even viewing right on top of it.

And ten years from now one could still do the same and no one is going to say...Gee that was taken with an old  camera wasn't it?

For those who are lens invested or love the alpha amount bodies overall- in a worse case scenario pick up a couple back up bodies if used/new or new old stock starts flying off the shelves or ebay...


I think there is a good possibility sony is waiting for the other manufacturers to release their new offerings. After feeling the market then sony will release amount bodies not only for existing owners but for those dissapointed with nikon/canon especially...not so much pentax/samsung or panasonic.

Nikon owners are frustrated with nikon also..making screw drive lenses now somewhat worthless on new bodies...a firmware update that made third party flashes incompatable(surprise).

With the e-mount i am sure many other camera owners beside sony having old glass and gets  interested in sony and their products. The availability of lenses compatable is huge and old school shooters are generally vested in one main system but may have many other old different brand lenses m42ect.

For sony to wait and see then 'feed' that market and the current a-mount base in aspc and full frame would/could be a great marketing strategy...

So mark my words...In the near future sony is going to end the worry and capitalize on market feedback/research.

My non alpha mount rumors rumor.  Sony will be releasing two apsc a-mounts lfollowed by a full frame a-mount soon. Then shortly(a few months) will release another amount geared specifically either toward entry level or proffesional level market.

I could very well be wrong it wouldn't be the first or nearly the last time for sure. Truly though  i feel sony has great things in store for the a-mount. Lets hope.

Thank you-brian

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