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Re: Sony's Greatest Challenge is not Fuji but...

EinsteinsGhost wrote:

to match and outperform the Fuji X-T1 with the A7000 ( successor of the NEX-7) and the successor of the A7r.

How do you think Sony will respond?

Well, a7r is a FF camera so a different class.

As for a7000 (assuming it to be NEX-7 replacement), Sony's bigger challenge comes from the loudmouths who would be fixated on what Sony calls it and where the EVF is located. In other words: distraction and distractirs are likely the greater challenge. Obviously, Fuji does not need to deal with the nuisance.

Well Fuji users must be thinking how the X-T1 spells doom for the X-Pro and the X-E series! The end is nigh! I mean it's been 2 whole years since the X-Pro1 came out, it is clearly dead and buried now the hump is here!!!

On a serious note, Sony have been gunning for a broad base since the beginning (anyone who understands this integral part of Sony's strategy never had a fear that the NEX-3 and 5 lines were going anywhere - instead they add to it with A3000). Yes, they didn't go for superfast lenses, but they went for more standard ones to fill out the system first, and who can quibble with the price and quality you get from unassuming lenses like the SEL50? These are cheaper and more accessible for more people. Fuji are gambling that the enthusiast market is big enough for them to make money off a much smaller niche - extremely pricey bodies and a minimum floor for the prices of their lenses that is much higher than Sony's. Is it paying off for them? While Fuji is yet to turn a profit, all of the indications we have read is that Sony is making money on its ILC lines.

TLDR version: I doubt DPR posters will sway Sony's strategy; Fuji's problem is that they listen too much to a tiny niche of camera buyers whose absolute numbers aren't big enough to sustain a camera operation (hence the rather late descent into 'low-end' cameras like the XA/XM series).

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