Em-1 Noise in Low ISO, Low light shots.

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Re: Sigh...so much bad advice in this thread

Gianluca Grossi wrote:

knickerhawk wrote:

TangoR wrote:

It seems that I am getting some noise in Low(ish) light ISO 200 images. Usually in normal condition my images are pretty much noise free. But IN the attached image (ORF converted to JPG in Aperture) there what I would call noise at ISO 200.

Is this normal? Is there a setting I missed on the camera?

Noise type stuff in the Sky portion.

First, sky noise is not uncommon at all in these lower midtones. However, unlike the claims of some in this thread, it is by no means a problem limited to MFT cameras (or Oly bodies in particular).

Second, it's not a problem that's caused by the raw converter being used. Converters other than Aperture may have higher default noise supression, but there are trade-offs that go along with that. The point here is that the noise is real and inherent in the image and any converter used is going to be compromised as a result. Yes, a lot more could be done in your raw converter to improve this image, but the fundamental problem has nothing to do with the fact that Aperture is the converter of choice here.

Until you use Photo ninja with is really great noise/sharpening setting and you'll see a great difference between this and Aperture a LR. Raw converter DOES the difference especially PN. If I could "work" this raw file with PN you'll see 0 noise and much more detail...

I have no doubt that you could do better (and so could I) with processing the file, but there are no free lunches when it comes to noise removal and I'm sure that Photo Ninja is no exception (which is based on extensive experience with at least a half dozen different raw processors but not Photo Ninja specifically, although I have used Noise Ninja).  Covering over a problem is not the optimal solution, especially when there's a perfectly viable solution in the first place.

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