a lot of pressure on Sony now ...

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Re: a lot of pressure on Sony now ...

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quezra wrote:

It's hilarious how the same people who have been hating on the A7 hump and dials for the last 3 months suddenly think a humped, manual-controls-heavy camera is suddenly a huge threat to Sony. Even better when they think they have any credibility threatening to jump ship to Fuji if the streamlined 7 successor doesn't come out, when uncustomizable dials are even worse on the Fuji and the hump is just as 'unpocketable' as the A7. The best part is, Sony have already responded to Fuji. They have the DSLR-styling and superb dial operation camera in the A7, except hey it's FF! Meanwhile, the 6/7 APS-C successor isn't even the flagship anymore. Fuji is fighting the second tier of Sony cameras here.

I personally can't wait for the X-T1 to come out so that so that the likes of their ilk are gone over to Fuji where they will live happily ever after.

Ok... well there's also the alternative explanation that they are clutching for straws at any possible competition (no matter how much it contradicts their previous whining) in the desperate hope that Sony will move forward their launch date for the NEX-7 successor, and the wait is turning them into bipolar love-hate outbursts against Sony that make no sense whatsoever. It's such a shame production schedules don't work based on what the competition are doing

who cares really, the more competition the better, that way Sony will have no choice other than to up its game or withdraw.

I only really bought the NEX because of its compact footprint with the 16-50 (as I already have dslr), so I prefer the "NEX" small footprint, but recognise it has been a commercial disaster for sony loss wise and that to cater to the US etc market they may need it in "hump format" ... no biggie i'm getting a bit sick of the lack of AF/OIS bright tele lenses anyway

I'll see whether Nikon come out with something FF more in the svelte format of the A7

NEX form factor Commercial disaster? I guess, to you the Asian market does not exist.

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