Switching from DSLR/mirrorless to fixed-lens (like X100S)?

Started Jan 28, 2014 | Discussions thread
The Incredible Hoke
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Re: Switching from DSLR/mirrorless to fixed-lens (like X100S)?

CardigansFan wrote:

I honestly don't mind the fixed lens part of it - as it stands, a majority of my shots are with the 30mm, and sometimes with the 20mm if I need a wider shot. I usually find the 50-200mm not effective enough for long range especially given its aperture at 200mm, and usually had better results with manual 300mm+ lenses. If anything I'd probably get the adapter for the Fuji to make it even wider, since most of my shots are nature/landscape/architecture.

Sounds like the fixed lens wouldn't be much of an issue and the Fuji probably matches or exceeds your current cam's quality.

Sometimes simple is the best way to go!

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