Our (photographers) taste in photos vs the general public

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Re: Our (photographers) taste in photos vs the general public

I don't do much landscape and know little about rules specific to landscape, so my opinion probably falls more into general public bucket.  I like the first shot the best, but none of the three are something that I'd want to print and hang on the wall.  The third is least appealing to me - can't put my finger on the reason though.

My mother recently showed me a collection of photos of my children that she chose to print to "show off" her grandchildren.  I've taken many photos of them with the gx7 that I consider well-composed and technically pleasing.  A few of those were in her prints, but the majority were grainy, dark low end p&s snapshots where the subject was composed dead center and way too wide a focal length.  That's okay if a special moment is caught in the shot, but these were plain vanilla posing shots.  Go figure.

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