X-trans is a winner

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Re: X-trans is a winner

vivanchenko wrote:

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vivanchenko wrote:

That picture is stunning.

The OP did not say that the image is moiré free. I would say that he sounded more like that moiré is not a problem there. And it obviously not.

I believe that trying to persuade most photographers that X-Trans is a superior to Bayer technology is a lost cause even if X-Trans was running circles around Bayer (it's not, it is just slightly better). And the reason is ...... Leica. Leica is not using X-Trans and we all know that nothing can be better than Leica. Trying to prove otherwise is a sacrilege.

Pentax, Ricoh, and Nikon do not use AA filters either on some cameras. They get along just fine.

X Trans is just another one of Fujifilm's patented marketing gimmicks.

I wouldn't say it's a gimic. It does seems to exhibit less moire than bayer sensors do.

It has less moiré as bayer sensors WITHOUT an AA filter.

I has about the same or slighlty worse moiré issues then those who do. It does yield sharper crispier results as camera's with an AA filter.

The X-trans main advantage seems to be low light. The high ISO noise is mostly monochromatic and very fine of structure. Much like film grain that isn't as annoying and easier to get rid of in post.

So the X-trans is an marketing name. but no gimmick. it's probably the best Apsc sensor out there. But differences to the 24mp Toshiba are very subtle and small. It does destroy everything canon has produced so would not call it gimicky.

Can we see an example? All we see is many words.

That's funny coming from someone who is all talk and has never posted a single example to support his claims. When people answer your requests for proof, you then accuse them of unfairly manipulating the images. Do you just come on the forum to praise your specific model of camera and argue with others, or do you have something worthwhile to contribute? We all have access to Fuji's web site, so we don't need you to blindly repeat everything you read on the X-M1 advertising pages.

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