a lot of pressure on Sony now ...

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Re: a lot of pressure on Sony now ...

spacemn wrote:

I don't get it. I thought the pressure was on everybody else when Sony launched the A7 and A7R?!

For only $300 more you can get a FF 24mpix camera of the same size.

I really do not hope that the NEX-7 will replicate the dial layout. I would hate to adjust the ISO dial while looking through the EVF. I would hate to combine the usage of two dials in order to set the shutter speed in 1/3 stop increments. It's all retro over function if you ask me.

If Sony simple put out an upgraded NEX-7 with better tracking AF, menus like the A7, utilise the power of the new processing unit and a slight overhaul of the tri-navi system (I prefer the A7 dial layout) then it will easily compete.

it wouldnt surprise me in the slightest to see the "new NEX" really be the NEX5/6 replacement so a nex3 replacement with an evf and touchscreen/trinavi etc .. who in their right mind would pay the likely asking price for the A7k when for a relatively small increment they can get an A7 ... bearing in mind sony are not likely to release any new lenses for APSC and theres nothing really >50mm prime/bright OIS/AF  and for shooting static things (all the NEX AF is good for really with its poor AF) the FF is far far superior to anything the A7k will likely theoretically output

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