Em-1 Noise in Low ISO, Low light shots.

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Re: Em-1 Noise in Low ISO, Low light shots.

TangoR wrote:

It seems that I am getting some noise in Low(ish) light ISO 200 images. Usually in normal condition my images are pretty much noise free. But IN the attached image (ORF converted to JPG in Aperture) there what I would call noise at ISO 200.

Is this normal? Is there a setting I missed on the camera?

As others have already pointed out, you could probably have improved that image significantly with regard to noise by exposing according to the ETTR criterion (i.e., expose the highlights just up to the clipping point of the sensor but not beyond). For a low-contrast scene like the one you show and given the way Oly ISO is calibrated in the first place, it is quite conceivable that you could have given it two, perhaps even three EV more exposure without clipping the highlights. The OOC jpeg would have looked too bright ("overexposed") but that's not a problem if you shoot RAW as long as the highlights are intact in the RAW file. You just "pull back the exposure" (or rather reduce the brightness) in the RAW converter afterwards.

The E-M1 (and other Oly bodies) have very good tools for deciding proper exposure based on the ETTR criterion, i.e., the live-view highlight/shadow warnings (aka live-view "blinkies" although they do not blink), which lets you see exactly when you reach the clipping point and where in the frame you do so. There's also a program called RawDigger whereby you can check how your RAWs actually fare as far as highlight clipping is concerned. By checking things afterwards by means of RawDigger, you will be able to fine-tune your exposure practice to perfection.

Noise type stuff in the Sky portion.

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