Why is there no love for the HX300..?

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Re: Why is there no love for the HX300..?

Build quality may be above average, and I'm sure it's a fine camera for what it does, but it's definitely got nothing that particularly stands out compared to its competition. Cameras don't exist in a vacuum, they fit into a very competitive ecosystem.

It's very hard for a small sensor fixed lens camera to make people get excited, but Sony (and Fuji I suppose) managed to do so with a few of their high priced offerings the last couple years. RX10 and RX100 have stood out because in a high percentage of circumstances where you would find yourself taking a picture, you can get images that are "good enough", "very good", or even "great". RX100 goes almost anywhere, and RX10 lets you leave your home without a bag of gear, and they let you get pictures good enough so that you don't say "damn, I have a pit in my stomach because I didn't bring my DSLR to get a better version of shot."

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