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I did the same , but....

I am fortunate in that my work brings me into contact with a lot of pro shooters and I have access to a lot of gear.

A month ago I "acquired" a Canon 5D3 and a pair of 2.8 zooms.  The owner is overseas in Africa and this is one of his back up rigs.  I'm free to use it.

Having shot DSLR and SLR for 30 years, I was relishing spending some time with the gear.

But here's the thing -and this is entirely subjective and based solely on "what place we are in , in our lives" and of course the subjects we like to shoot,  but I have quickly become bored of the sheer size and weight of it all.

I had forgotten what a pain to carry around these things are.

I had forgotten what it was like to be the "camera guy" that stands out in a crowd, with his big bag and foot long lens.

I don't really want to be the "camera guy" anymore.  I'd rather just blend in and have a life, and take pictures as I am living my life.  A hulking great camera gets in the way, somehow.

My shots are better when I am observing life, and happen to be carrying a camera.   This is different to carrying a camera, and observing life, if you see what I mean.

But we are all different . YMMV.

Happy shooting.

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