E-M5 Firmware update... V 2.0 today..

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Re: This update is a joke.

Great about the firmware. Sorry to sound like a noob idiot but, will this lower ISO equate to genuinely lower ISO or some form of software wizardry that attempts to cheat better IQ at base ISO? i.e. will there be a difference between the previous ISO200 and the new ISO100?

there will be differences. If ISO 100 was qualitywise superior to ISO200 they would have implemented it from the start.

It is 'post processing' thing, in camera. That might mean the image quality is affected to the negative, for instance in DR.

The good news is that using ISO LOW means the ability to use bigger apertures in bright light before the fastest shutterspeed limit is reached. The other good news is that, for long exposures, you gain double exposure times by lowering ISO from 200 to LOW - which makes a big difference in these kind of shots!

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